Semuliki National Park

Its located in Western Uganda, Bundibugyo District, along The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) boarder, 370km from Kampala, 7 hours by car 50km from Fort Portal.

Semuliki is inhabited by  mammals like, elephant, buffalo, leopard, civet, scaly tailed flying squirrel. Birds are  400 species and some of these are: kingfishers, turacos, shoebill etc.
Primates are 8 species and include; chimpanzee, colobus monkey, red-tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, bush baby and many more.
The Luxury Semuliki  tented lodge offers very good accommodation in the game reserve.

Activities include:
Touring Semuliki River that runs along
the boarder of Congo and Uganda, meandering through the jungle.
Enjoy its beautiful prospect from the Rwenzori Mountains.

The nature walk
Enjoy the only rain forest at low altitude (700m) in Uganda. There are several hot springs,
the diameter of the biggest exceeding 10m, and water temperature is more than 100 degrees.

The Pygmy group, is less than 0.02% of Uganda's population. The height of adults is about 130cm, but only elders. The young generation is tall due to mixture.
They sell souvenir and show tribal dance.

A visit to Semuliki can be combined with Kibale and Queen elizabeth national park


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