Ngamba Island

Ngamba Island is 100 acres (approximately 40 hectares) of rainforest situated 23kms from Entebbe, near the equator in Lake Victoria, Uganda. It supports a rich diversity of natural wildlife (over 120 species of birds, hippos, crocodiles, (monitor lizards) and provides a variety of natural foods for the orphaned chimpanzees.

Chimpanzees are amazing animals which share many similarities with human beings, like hugging and kissing each other, living in family groups, and really  enjoy the company of others in their daily lives.

The island is set up as an eco-friendly project with compost toilets, rainwater collection, proper waste management practices and solar energy (for electricity and hot water).

Do you want to miss these old famous chimps like Kalema, Connie and others? Please don't  miss, give it a try.

This is Connie who is short  with a black face and a brown/pink outline around her lips, and originated from Mbarara. What a great a courageous woman chimp!!. Interesting on her is her shortness  and a large belly.

A visit to Ngamba island would take one day but if you wish to overnight on the island for chimp habituation exercise, G&C company offers comfortable tented camp.

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